EPDM rubber seals

EPDM rubber seals are widely used in various industries for their excellent properties, including weather resistance, heat resistance, and sealing capabilities. Here are some specific applications and characteristics of EPDM rubber seals: 1. **Automotive Seals:** - Door seals: EPDM rubber is commonly used for automotive door seals to provide a weatherproof and airtight seal, preventing water, dust, and noise from entering the vehicle. - Window seals: EPDM seals are used around windows to create a secure and weather-resistant barrier. 2. **Building and Construction:** - Window and door seals: EPDM rubber is employed to create effective seals around windows and doors in buildings, providing insulation and protection against the elements. - Roofing: EPDM is used as a roofing material and in the form of seals and gaskets to ensure waterproofing and weather resistance. 3. **Industrial Applications:** - Gaskets: EPDM rubber is utilized in the manufacturing of gaskets for va

Yachts for Sale

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